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Personal Finance in the News 3.21.14 in the News 3.21.14

Have you heard about how your social media activity could impact your credit score? It’s a scary concept, said’s Director of Consumer Education Gerri Detweiler, but it’s also not something to be too worried about at this point. She talked about the topic with a reporter from MarketWatch. Gerri and Adam Levin, chairman and... Read More in the News 3.14.14

Personal Finance in the News 3.14.14 in the News 3.14.14

Journalists called on the Credit Experts in the last few weeks to talk about the latest need-to-know consumer credit topics, like check fraud, when you shouldn’t use your credit card, the importance of knowing your credit scores, current scams going around and social media privacy issues. See what and IDentity Theft 911 Co-Founder and... Read More in the News 3.8.14

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This week, experts Adam Levin (chairman and co-founder of and Gerri Detweiler ('s director of consumer education) spoke with reporters at various news outlets about credit and security issues confronting consumers, like ATM fraud, credit freezes and the value of free credit scores... in the News 2.28.14

Personal Finance in the News 2.28.14 in the News 2.28.14

You get a data breach … and you get a data breach … data breaches for EVERYONE! At least, it feels that way. Personal information security has been a huge topic in news surrounding finance and credit cards, and Chairman and Co-Founder Adam Levin has been interviewed extensively on the topic. Recent stories include... Read More in the News 2.14.14

Identity Theft in the News 2.14.14 in the News 2.14.14

The conversation about data breaches and credit card security doesn't show signs of disappearing anytime soon. In the past week, chairman and co-founder Adam Levin made the media rounds to discuss consumers' exposure to attacks on retailer and other information systems. in the News 2.7.14

Personal Finance in the News 2.7.14 in the News 2.7.14

Consumers are becoming increasingly aware of identity theft and the threats it poses, and concerned with knowing how to protect themselves from it. In the last few days, media outlets reported on various privacy concerns, calling on the Credit Experts to explain the importance of a consumer’s role in keeping sensitive data out of reach... Read More in the News 1.31.14

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In case you haven’t heard, there has been a lot of news about scams and data breaches lately. Credit Experts Adam Levin, Gerri Detweiler and Bob Sullivan have focused their efforts on providing helpful information to consumers. [View the story “Credit Experts in the News | 1.31.14” on Storify] in the News 1.19.14

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Data breaches have been a recurring theme, particularly in the past month.  This week,’s Credit Experts continued to weigh in on the issue via the media. Chairman and Co-Founder Adam Levin specializes in identity theft and spoke to several news outlets about the latest developments in the Target and Neiman Marcus data breaches.... Read More in the News 1.11.14

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In its Best of Everything list for 2013, Kiplinger’s Personal Finance named the Best Credit Site, highlighting the Credit Report Card, which gives consumers a snapshot of their credit profiles and shows which areas need improvement. The information is updated each month, allowing users to track their progress over time. With that exciting announcement,... Read More in the News 12.21.13

Personal Finance in the News 12.21.13 in the News 12.21.13

Holiday spending has been an appropriate recurring theme in the financial media recently, and the experts have added their knowledge to the conversations. (@LGers) People spend a lot of money during the holidays — everyone knows this, including fraudsters, which is why consumers have to be extra vigilant about scams this time of year.... Read More

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