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Personal Finance in the News 6.6.14 in the News 6.6.14

Do you know how debit and credit cards are different when it comes to consumer protections? Co-Founder and Chairman Adam Levin explains where you should be extra careful using your debit cards. Whether you’re a new grad, looking to buy your first home or just in need of some financial advice, Gerri Detweiler,’s... Read More in the News 5.30.14

Personal Finance in the News 5.30.14 in the News 5.30.14

Budgeting, credit scores, fraud — the experts at can (and do) talk about them all day. Do you know about common expenses that mess up summer budgets? How about the importance of credit scores? Here are a few of the latest explainers from’s Co-Founder and Chairman Adam Levin and Director of Consumer Education... Read More in the News 5.23.14

Personal Finance in the News 5.23.14 in the News 5.23.14

For many consumers, financial hardship stems from circumstances beyond their control. In the case of medical debt, there’s not a lot you can do to prepare for unexpected healthcare costs, but bad luck can turn into serious credit problems. A new report explored how medical debt can unfairly impact consumers’ credit standing, which Director... Read More in the News 5.16.14

Personal Finance in the News 5.16.14 in the News 5.16.14

This week, the European Union’s highest court ruled that Google must comply with its citizens’ requests to remove Internet search results. It’s called “the right to be forgotten,” and it doesn’t exist in the United States. Adam Levin, chairman and co-founder of, analyzed the ruling and talked about how U.S. consumers can protect their... Read More in the News 5.2.14

Personal Finance in the News 5.2.14 in the News 5.2.14

Have you ever hesitated to use a credit card? A lot of people don’t like them, either because credit cards tempt them to overspend or they’re worried about data breaches. Credit cards provide plenty of benefits and protections, but those are valid concerns, and our experts Adam Levin (chairman and co-founder of and Gerri... Read More in the News 4.25.14

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Tax fraud is a common occurrence this time of year, and even though the deadline for filing tax returns passed last week, concerns about fraud remain. Adam Levin,’s chairman and co-founder, highlighted the possibility of a data breach involving medical doctors, given the increase in tax fraud reported by doctors. You can read about... Read More in the News 4.18.14

Personal Finance in the News 4.18.14 in the News 4.18.14

If you haven’t had time to catch up on the Heartbleed news, we have some info for you. Chairman Adam Levin gave a lot of advice to consumers concerned about the impact of Heartbleed, an Internet security vulnerability that affected about two-thirds of websites. Beyond the big news surrounding Heartbleed, Adam and’s Director of... Read More in the News 4.11.14

Personal Finance in the News 4.11.14 in the News 4.11.14

This week, the news was swamped with reports of Internet security issues, and Adam Levin, chairman and co-founder of, made an effort to share as much helpful information for consumers as possible. Here are some of his tips, from how to handle the Heartbleed bug to tax identity theft and the end of Windows... Read More in the News 3.28.14

Personal Finance in the News 3.28.14 in the News 3.28.14

It’s not a matter of if you’ll be a victim of a data breach, but when — and Adam Levin says that’s the reason why consumers need to stay alert and know what to watch out for. Adam, the chairman and co-founder of, discussed the implications of the massive breach Target experienced last year,... Read More

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