Personal Finance in the News 3.28.14

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It’s not a matter of if you’ll be a victim of a data breach, but when — and Adam Levin says that’s the reason why consumers need to stay alert and know what to watch out for. Adam, the chairman and co-founder of, discussed the implications of the massive breach Target experienced last year, and says that the more consumers learn from that debacle, the better off they’ll be as other breaches happen.

Adam also spoke to Fox Business News about the rising threat of medical identity theft — there’s a lot you need to know before your next visit to the doctor’s office.

Gerri Detweiler,’s director of consumer education, gave a few interviews about the struggles debt-laden consumers face during tax season. It’s common for someone with canceled debt to get a tax bill for it, and Gerri reviews what to do if you’re dealing with unaffordable taxes.

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