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This Week in Credit News: Haunting Credit Problems

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The biggest credit news this week is all about the spooky side of credit.

Haunted By Credit? 5 Ways to Fight Back

Bad debts can haunt your credit report for a long time if you don’t do your best to exorcise them.

Gerri Detweiler,’s Director of Consumer Education, takes a look at how to battle old negative items on your credit to make a fresh start. The first way to battle your credit demons is to confront them head-on. You should check your credit reports, which can be pulled for free once a year from each of the major credit bureaus. Also, you should consider monitoring your credit, which you can do for free every month using the Credit Report Card.

Detweiler also suggests that you deal with old collection accounts by reaching out to the owner of the debt and trying to establish a settlement or payment plan. While it won’t impact your credit immediately, it sends you on the path to better credit down the road.

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Real Haunted Houses: What Owners Need to Know

We’re not talking about the haunted houses that charge $20 a person in the hopes they’ll make you scream. We’re talking about houses that have a creepiness factor, and what homeowners need to know about disclosing any “spooky” aspects of their house.

When homeowners decide they want to sell their home, there are certain disclosures that are required by law. For example, some states mandate that sellers disclose to new buyers if there was a recent death on the premises. There are other things that may scare away buyers — strange noises, flickering lights and warm or cold spots.

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Is Your Credit Score a Trick or a Treat?

Jeanne Kelly breaks down the typical trick-or-treat post-game: Kids sit on their living room floors and sort through their haul, determining which candy is the “prime” candy, the candy they are so-so on, and the candy that they hate. Your credit can be very similar. When you pull your credit report, you can easily categorize your accounts in the same way to get a better handle on what you need to fix first.

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