Personal Finance in the News 11.16.13

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Small mistakes can make a mess of your finances. In the last few weeks,’s experts spoke about the little things that can lead to big problems — identity theft or damaged credit — along with some tips for preventing and recovering from such missteps.

Gerri Detweiler,’s director of consumer education, outlined a few of those little mess-makers — unpaid tolls, overdue library books and an overlooked bill, to name a few — in an interview with Dimitri Sotis of WTOP. (@DSotisWTOP)

There are fraudsters all over the place, and Adam Levin, co-founder and chairman, talked about the growing popularity of sweepstakes scams with WUSATV. (@StephW8)

The New Jersey Star-Ledger covered a story of a man whose credit report incorrectly said he was a felon, and they interviewed Gerri about a company’s responsibility to confirm information they report to credit bureaus. (@KPMueller)

Gerri spoke about another consumer frustration with ABC News: Overdraft fees as a result of debit card holds. (@ABCNewsFixer)

Adam gave two other interviews on identity theft: He was quoted in an article in the Arizona Republic outlining tips for consumers to protect themselves from identity theft (@azmoneynews), and ABC News interviewed him about an email scam in which fraudsters are posing as CEOs requesting financial information from other executives (@skimm).

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