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Why Do I Have Multiple Credit Scores?

Comments 1 Comment reader Lindsay recently asked us a question: “Why do I have more than one credit score?” Our Co-Founder and Chairman Adam Levin explains why you have multiple credit scores and how to understand every single one of them.

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    Johokeda —
    Seeing different numbers different times is understandably frustrating. The trouble is, you don’t have just one “real” score. There are many different types of scores: generic scores designed to predict how consumers may repay a variety of different loans; industry scores created to predict performance on certain types of loans such as auto loans; custom scores that are “customized” for the lender’s own specific customer base and purposes; and educational scores created to show consumers how different types of information in their credit reports impact their scores.
    But many others have asked the same thing. We addressed it in this article: 3 Reasons Why Your Free Credit Score looks wrong. Hopefully, that will help explain.

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