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Got a Question for a Expert?Here at, we love getting your questions. We have a team of experts who field them and respond with good information to help you make smart decisions — though you’ll always want to speak to your own financial adviser and/or attorney about your particular issues.

There are a number of ways you can ask questions…

Ask a Question in the Comments Section of a Story

Our articles cover just about every issue under the sun relating to credit and debt. If you’ve landed on an article that is relevant to your situation, ask your question in the comments. You can use a nickname to maintain anonymity, and your email address won’t be published. The benefit of posting your question here is that other readers interested in the topic will also be able to weigh in. Not sure where to post? Here are some popular articles within our top topics:

Ask a Question on Facebook or Twitter

We’re very active in social media and if you have a question you’re comfortable sharing, post it to our Facebook page or Twitter feed. Here, too, you’ll have the benefit of insights from the community and we may in fact turn your question into an article on the blog. (We will ask permission to use your name first.)

Follow Up on Email 

If you’ve posted a question but haven’t gotten an answer, feel free to email us at Keep in mind, we get lots of questions so it can take time for us to respond … sometimes a few weeks.

Thank you for participating in the community. We’re happy you’re here!

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