Personal Finance in the News (3/29/13)

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This week the experts from contributed to a wide range of news outlets on subjects including identity theft, celebrity hacking, smartphone security and online safety tips. Check out the hits…


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  • http://None R. Dinsmore

    I read Adam Levin’s artical on “where not to give out your SS number”.
    All these places are very good to remember, but what 99% of people, that have (had) insurance through their employer, or have government benefits, don’t realize, is the health inurance companies use your SS number as a Member ID. Every pharmacy, hospital, doctor, dentist and each one of their staff has your SS number. I moved to different state and had to change my health insurance carrier. During the phone application, they already had my SS number. When I had a prescription filled, they confirmed my identity by asking me if my SS # was blah, blah. I was shocked they knew it!
    My basic common sense is, unless someone is paying ME, and I would need to report it to the IRS (over $1,00), they DO NOT get my SS number.

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