Credit 101 in the News 2/16/13

Comments 0 Comments NewsThis week the experts from contributed to a wide range of publications on subjects including credit score errors, smartphone protection and credit score access expansion. Check out the hits…

U.S. Cracks International Credit Card Fraud Ring co-founder Adam Levin weighs in on a huge credit card fraud ring bust to USA Today. He explains that we need to get tougher on identity protection in the wake of the biggest U.S.-led international credit fraud bust. He says that the security measures being used now aren’t strong enough, leaving us all open to identity predators. @Adam_K_Levin @USAToday @christinedugas @garybstrauss

The Five: Smartphone Security

Speaking on privacy and identity protection, Adam offers five tips to the Los Angeles Times to help protect your smartphone from identity thieves. He suggests thinking of smartphones as computers, and taking the same precautions with your phone as you would with your laptop. Between settings, wifi and usage there are many points of access for identity thieves and Adam tells you exactly how to combat that. @latimes

New legislation: See your credit score when applying for credit

Adam discusses the prospect of expanding credit score access in an interview with WTOP. As it stands, consumers get access to their scores when turned down by lenders. New measures could ensure that borrowers get their credit score whenever they apply for credit. Adam believes this is a positive step, noting that the more people know about their credit profile the more they will want to improve it. He also gauges the political will legislators have to work on consumer finance issues. @WTOP

Credit Report Errors in the Spotlight

Another big story this week was the FTC’s release of a study revealing that 20% of consumer credit reports contain errors. director of consumer education Gerri Detweiler was asked by several outlets to weigh in on this subject. She explains what the mistakes are, if they can hurt you and how to fix them if possible. Check out Adam sounding off on this issue on WTOP as well. @Gerridetweiler @ABCNews @FoxBusiness @YahooFinance @WTOP

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