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Comments 0 Comments in the NewsThis week the experts from contributed to a wide range of publications on subjects including medical identity theft, identity ransom, saving money and building credit.  Check out the hits… Co-Founder and Chairman Adam Levin spoke to the Daily Ticker on Yahoo Finance about seven ways to improve your credit score. Adam advocates for consumers to get proactive when it comes to their credit scores. He offered several ways to monitor, protect and defend your score. Click here for the video.

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Adam also spoke to The Wall Street Journal forecasting what the big cyberthreats will be for the new year. Adam took on medical identity theft, saying that it has already become much easier to hack in to the new digitized medical records. He explains the vulnerabilities of the medical industries new practices. You can also see what other threats to beware of in the new year here.

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Free Credit Check & MonitoringAdam continues the conversation about medical identity theft with CSO online, digging in to a deeper threat; medical record ransom. This type of identity theft is particularly alarming because it can not only be costly but can put patient’s health at risk. The benefits of a digital medical record system are too great for the industry to turn around, but the risks are so high that they must be addressed every step of the way.

@CSOonline consumer education director, Gerri Detweiler supplied Forbes with tips on how to save money and protect your credit and identity for the New Year. She stresses keeping debt under control, closely monitoring credit and making sure the security on all computers and mobile devices is up to speed.

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Gerri also discussed what interests rates will look like in 2013 with the Denver Post. She foresees an increase in low balance transfers allowing borrowers an opportunity to pay back their directly on their debt. She notes that although these low transfers have dried up they are on their way back, some as low as 0% for 18 months.

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Gerri contributed to Herb Weisbaum’s Today story about the Justin Beiber prepaid card. Her view is that since the young consumers that will be using the card can only spend what’s been put on it and can’t get in to debt, it’s not a bad card and could even be a good way to manage an allowance.

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