Personal Finance in the News – 12/22/12

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This week the experts from contributed to a wide range of publications on subjects and this week it’s all about holiday spending. Our experts offer advice on a variety of spending options and how best to give this season  Check out the hits…

What is in your stocking? Cash, credit cards or store cards?

Gerri Detweiler,’s director of consumer education, spoke to the Atlanta Journal Constitution about the best ways to give monetary gifts for the holidays. All forms have their pros and cons and Gerri explains what to look for and consider when giving each type. Reminding the recipients of some of the dangers of these type of gifts can be helpful. Check out all of the ways to give and receive this year here. @Gerridetweiler @KathrynLizbeth @AJC

Free Credit Check & MonitoringFinancial Expert: While Shopping For Gifts, Keep Your Credit Score In Mind

Gerri also discussed important holiday spending issues with CBS Philly where she reminds consumers to keep their credit score in mind while holiday shopping. She advocates that shoppers not get ahead of themselves while spending this season since the ramifications of charging up credit cards could last well into the future if balances get too high. She even recommends getting personal loans to pay off credit to improve scores in some cases.  @CBSPhilly

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Bamboozled: Best Buy ‘hold’ policy puts pinch on debit card user recently did a story on a young man who bought holiday gifts online with a debit card and ended up having his account frozen. Removing funds and setting them aside is the first part of the process of paying with a debit card. Gerri recommends using credit cards for online purchases because it can offer more protections. For consumers who choose to use a debit card instead Gerri cautions them to become familiar with the payment policies before they type in their card number. @KPMueller  @starledger

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