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This Week in Credit News: Peeking Over the Fiscal Cliff

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Credit News RoundupThe biggest news of the week still revolves around the fiscal cliff, on which little political progress has been made.

U.S. Fiscal Cliff Showdown Turns Into Early Blame Game

If anyone thought we would get through talks about the fiscal cliff without any politicking, they were sorely mistaken.

The fiscal cliff, a combination of hundreds of billions in spending cuts and tax increases set to take effect Jan. 1 if Congress does not act, is already affecting D.C. and, despite calls for bipartisanship, the political positioning is already underway.

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11 Tips to Rebuild Your Credit

We have not 9, not 10, but 11 tips to help those who are thinking about rehabbing their credit score in the last few weeks of the year. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Mark your calendar. Some items on your credit report that are hurting your score won’t age off for a while. So if you have a bankruptcy on your report, there’s not a whole lot you can do other than wait for it to age off and try to build positive credit items on your report to show lenders you’ve changed.
  • Watch out for bad item multipliers. Sometimes one debt can turn into multiple dings on your report when those accounts get sold to different debt collectors. Keep an eye on your Credit Report Card to prevent this.

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Why Prepaid Cards Are NOT Gift Cards

As the holiday season approaches, many Americans may be looking for the easy way out of doing all of that pesky holiday shopping. That easy alternative tends to be gift cards, but increasingly shoppers are buying prepaid cards instead since they aren’t retailer specific and are more secure to send in the mail than cash.

Gerri Detweiler says there are a few things that consumers should now about before they choose between a prepaid card and a gift card, because the two are not interchangeable. First, that prepaid cards are not regulated by the CARD Act, while gift cards are. This is an important distinction since certain consumer protections apply to one and not the other. Read the article for more details!

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Image: NS Newsflash, via Flickr

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