Personal Finance in the News 11/24/12

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This week the experts from contributed to a wide range of publications on subjects including debt collect, identity theft, Hurricane Sandy and the pitfalls of Black Friday. Check out the hits… Co-Founder and Chairman Adam Levin was on The Daily Ticker to discuss cybersecurity and how to prevent it. He brings up the SEC breach he recently wrote about in his weekly column for and attributes the severity of these problems to the intelligence of today’s hackers. He calls for government- and corporate-level protection against this problem that is becoming increasingly harder to detect.

@Adam_K_Levin @YahooFinance

Adam also spoke to MarketWatch about the value of financial preparation before a tragedy. He cites the looming possibility of problems concerning the fiscal cliff and more dramatically details the pain of victims of Hurricane Sandy. He stresses the importance of keeping an emergency fund on hand to stave off potential consequences of the fiscal cliff. On the upside, Adam points out that if we don’t end up going off the fiscal cliff, you’ll still be sitting on a solid emergency fund that will surely come in handy down the road.

@MarketWatch Director of Consumer Education Gerri Detweiler spoke to WTOP about the pitfalls of Black Friday shopping and gives tips on how to spend smart and charge safely. She advises not to get too enticed by holiday rewards cards and to open one new account at the most. She even tells you when to buy different types of items to get the best deals.

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