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6 Ways to Make Your Credit Score Less Scary

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Halloween is approaching. For kids, it’s a time to dress up and run across people’s lawns to get candy. For adults, it’s a time to buy cheap candy, it eat it all, and then buy some more before Oct. 31.

Inspired by this spooky time of year, here are six great tips to boost your credit score.

Clean Out the Cobwebs

Nothing is spookier than walking through a dark room and running into a cobweb. The feel of those spidery strands across your face can turn you into a maniac. When was the last time you looked at your credit report? Does it have scary cobwebs that chill you to the bone? In a dark room, you can clean out the cobwebs with some sunlight and a broom; with your credit reports, you just need to ask for them to get started.

Don’t Be Haunted By the Dead

Remember that store credit card you applied for to get a discount? You used it once, got the discount then forgot all about it. That “dead” card might still be haunting you, hurting your credit score because it’s not being used. Put old accounts to good use by actually using them from time to time.

Fight the Frankenstein Report

Your credit report can go from “friendly” to “freakishly scary” when you discover someone else’s information grafted onto your report. It happens more frequently than you might realize since three credit reporting companies gather your information from a flood of various sources. Get your reports and dispute anything that doesn’t belong to you.

Beware of Pirates

Pirates no longer walk around on peg legs or sail the seas in search of treasure. Today, they steal identities. Checking your credit report regularly is a great way to help you monitor and fight against identity pirates.

Overcome Vampires with Garlic

On your credit report, overdue bills are like vampires – sucking the life out of your credit score. Sure you might be able to fight off one vampire but the more vampires there are, the worse it becomes. The best garlic to fight the vampires of overdue bills is to get current! Even if you can’t pay off your debt all at once, you’ll have a fighting chance of rebuilding your credit if you first get current and at least make your minimum payment each month.

The Secret of the Wolfman

The wolfman only comes out during a full moon. Avoiding the wolfman just means playing a waiting game. It’s the same with your credit score: Once you clean it up and pay down your debts, the best thing you can do is just wait it out. Your “scary” score will shed its fur and turn to normal in time.

With Halloween just around the corner, it’s a fun time to give out candy to all of the super hero’s and princesses who come to your door. It’s also the perfect time to dust off your credit reports and start boosting your credit!

Image: Growing a Green Family, via Flickr

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