Personal Finance in the News 5/4/12

Comments 0 Comments in the NewsThis week the experts from contributed to a wide range of publications on subjects including taxes, identity theft, credit scores, credit cards and debt. Check out the hits… co-founder, Adam Levin was called on by PBS News Hour with Jeffrey Brown to sit on a panel for a show in their series, After the Fall. Adam and the panel discuss how consumers are treating credit and debt today compared to years past and how it will affect the future for credit lenders and borrowers. @Adam_K_Levin @NewsHour

Watch People, Banks ‘Still Cautious’ on Credit, Debts on PBS. See more from PBS NewsHour.

Adam was also asked to provide tips for summer travelers on keeping their money and valuables safe. Always happy to help consumers, Adam offers practical recommendations for those embarking on travel this year. @CBSPhilly

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Susanna Kim from ABC News called on our resident debt expert to weigh in on the very heavy subject of debt after death. In this story the focus is on one family who’s son died at 23 years of age leaving them with his student loan debt. Gerri points out how common this unfortunate situation can be. The family is working to be absolved of their son’s debt, and have started a foundation to fight the entire practice of saddling families with this kind of financial drain.

Susanna also sought Gerri’s take on the reality of student loans. They have become incredibly complex and can lead to life-long financial issues. This is why Gerri recommends taking student loans incredibly seriously, to know what you’re getting into and to always keep an eye on the status of your loan. It’s the complexity of the loan that lenders could use against these often-inexperienced students. @skimm @ABCNews @Gerridetweiler

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