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Love and Money: What Statistics Say

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Is it true that 50% of divorces are due to disagreements over money? In the many years I’ve been writing about credit, I’ve never been able to pin down a specific study to back that “fact” up. But there are plenty of surveys and studies that shed light on how money can affect relationships, and some are just about as dramatic.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I figure it’s a good time to present a roundup of some of the more interesting statistics about couples, love and money:

Newlyweds—Don’t Be Surprised If You Argue About Money

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If you find the topic of money causing friction in your first (or third) year of marriage, you’re not alone. A small study (113 African-American and 131 Euro-American couples) published in 2003 set out to uncover what topics caused the most disagreement for newlyweds. “In both the first and third years of marriage, money was most often reported as a topic of marital disagreement. It beat out tensions about leisure, each spouse’s family of origin, children and religion. I wonder what happened in the second year?

Source: Topics of Marital Disagreement Among African-American and Euro-American Newlyweds

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