Personal Finance in the News: VeriSign, Financial Literacy and Cash-Back Credit Cards

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Our experts have had another busy week getting you the latest credit and privacy information and advice. Whether it be a global financial ricochet, national credit resurgence, or the hacking of a major web-based privacy company, there’s never a dull moment in the world of finance. Let’s take a closer look at the week’s stories that made headlines on our friends’ news outlets—with a little help from our very own experts.

VeriSign, Pillar of Internet Security, Hacked

The VeriSign hack is one that affects most, if not all, Internet users. When we visit websites, especially ones that require us to enter sensitive personal or financial information, we expect those sites to be real.  VeriSign provides the service which certifies that the websites we visit are real, and safe—which is why this news is so troubling. This week, Christopher Maag talked to security experts about what potential dangers Internet users face following this hacking. @BoingBoing

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Mortgages, Greece & Obama’s Budget: The Global Financial Literacy Crisis

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Get Started Here » co-founder and chairman Adam Levin makes the case that much of the world’s financial problems are created by a lack of communication, but even more so by a lack of education. When repercussions from foreign decisions are felt so strongly around the globe, as they are today, information must be digested with some perspective and the knowledge that many gains have side effects. With stakes so high in the United States right now, the same case is easily made for the state of our national financial climate. @HuffingtonPost

What You Need to Know About Cash-Back Credit Cards

Focusing more on your personal economy, credit card expert Beverly Harzog is here to help you navigate through the world of credit. Cash back credit cards have become very popular and for good reason. When shopping for one, it is important to take your credit behavior in to serious consideration and go with a card that will suit your needs best. It’s also important to avoid gotchas by reading the fine print. Or, you could let Beverly help you out, she’s read it all! @msnbc_business

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