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Follow Friday: Weekly Web Roundup (5/13/11)

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This week, we bring you the sweet and the sour with posts about both financial relief and turmoil. In a glass half-full spirit, we invite you to enjoy your finances, but to always remember that caution is a virtue. As always, if you enjoy any of our favorite bloggers, we encourage you to follow them on Twitter for regular updates. And don’t forget to follow at @CreditExperts.

Credit vs. Debit: Your Card’s Don’t Have to Be Costly
The joy of credit! This is a great post that highlights the positive aspects of having credit, with tips on how to keep your credit relationship healthy. With credit, like with most other things in the world, we must use good sense and a dash of caution. @fcn

Tweets_See-ming_Lee_CCFlickrStop ID Thieves from Stealing Your Kid’s Credit
Bob Sullivan digs in to the world of child identity theft. He explains the severity of the problem and what steps to take to keep your child safe from this sometimes-unbelievable crime. @RedTapeChron @TodayShow

Industry Study: Error in Credit Reports Rare
Keeping on top of your credit report is always important, but new studies show that credit report errors are rare and when they do happen, they don’t usually affect the consumer’s credit score. Take a guess as to how many reports are found with errors. @detnews

Debt Doesn’t Go Away When Lender Write It Off
Our favorite financial Dear Abby, Liz Weston explains that there’s a difference between your lender declaring a debt unrecoverable and your being absolved of it. Where the debt goes after it’s been written off is another question, but the answer the this one is that it’s unlikely that it disappears. @LizWeston @LATimesBiz

Credit Card ‘Torture': One Man’s Story
We all know debt collectors can be aggressive, but in this particularly brutal case, they made his life a living hell. With hundreds of hostile phone calls a High Court said his credit card company was torturing Keith Harrison. @BBCNews

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