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Financial News Roundup: HSBC Maintains Foreclosure Freeze, Family Healthcare Costs Increase

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HSBC maintains its moratorium on foreclosuresToday’s top news headlines feature a significant rise in the amount of money households are paying for medical care and a study revealing many unemployed Americans are seeing their jobless benefits reduced by fees. Plus, find out why HSBC has not lifted its foreclosure freeze.

Family Healthcare Costs Nearly Double From 2002
CNN Money

Employer-sponsored healthcare plans have pushed more costs onto employees, and the price of care has risen again in 2011. New data shows that costs for a family of four have risen 7.3 percent from last year, reaching $19,393. This is roughly double the costs seen in 2002, in which working families paid $9,235.

Unemployment Compensation Reduced By Debit Card Fees
The Huffington Post

Jobless Americans in some states who receive their unemployment benefits via debit cards are seeing a portion of their compensation reduced by fees, a new study reveals. The National Consumer Law Center shows that in some states that load an individual’s benefits onto a debit card, jobless consumers are charged fees for inactivity, balance inquiries or ATM usage.

HSBC Has Not Lifted Foreclosure Freeze
The Huffington Post

HSBC recently told investors that it will continue its foreclosure freeze in some areas of the country for another few months, but did not specify any details. Analysts say the move indicates the bank is still examining faulty foreclosure paperwork and working to resolve potential legal issues.

Americans Urged To Protect Credit During Divorce

Experts say Americans should keep their credit in mind during divorce proceedings, and take steps to ensure their credit history is protected when divvying up accounts and financial responsibilities. Spouses are urged to close joint accounts, establish their own lines of credit and check their credit reports to ensure everything is documented correctly.

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