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10 Most Expensive Dog Food Brands

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  • Janie Graham

    My dog loved his bully sticks! He loved playing with them, they helped make his teeth healthy, and they were nutritious. Plus there are so many different kinds!


    we feed our dogs Iams and always have..We purchase hamburg in bulk packages and then divide it into small packages about 1/4 lb each. During the summer we take left over vegies from our garden, squash, carrots, beets, beans and sometimes a small amount of corn..we put them in the food processer and turn them into mush then freeze that mush into small zip lock bags. We then cook the hamburger when we need it and drain off all the fat. We then add the vegie puree (thawed in the fridge overnight) to the hamburger with a little warm water. we sometimes add rice or barley or oatmeal to it. You can also cook chicken and do that same thing..We add a small handfull of the Iams food to this “CHOW” mixture and all is well..My Yorkie lives to be 17 years old and never had any health problems or worms even once..I have two poms and 3 cats who eat the same thing………Store food has too much biproduct, preservatives and sodium for good health to our pets..Ours do fine wthout the expensive unhealthy foods..Im not saying its cheap to feed them this way but if you have a garden it sure supliments alot..and if you want to take the time its well worth it..We have healthy, full and happy pets..We have had absolutely no vet bills for sick animals in over 20 years feeding them this way.

  • shanmukh

    i think royal canin is the very best food for dogs and also espensive

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  • Dan

    Save yourself all the time, work, and money and just buy Blue Buffalo Wilderness, they do all that plus add probiotics and vitamins to there food its some of the best. Royal Canin is not really that good and IAMS is terrible, some of the worst, the fact that you do all that work is the only reason why your animals are very healthy but you dont need to do all of that if you buy the right food.

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