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Follow Friday: Weekly Web Roundup (1/28/11)

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For this week’s Follow Friday, edition, we’re sharing our top picks from our favorite bloggers and personal finance writers from around the Web. Whether you want to crack the credit card number code, are planning to marry a credit challenged partner, or fear your stash won’t last –we’ve got something here for you.  And remember, if you like them, we encourage you to follow our favorites on twitter for regular updates. We even included the twitter handles to make it painless!

Cracking The Credit Card Code
The numbers on your credit card tell a story. Want to crack the code? at not only cracks the code, but offers a card validation equation that will make you wiser. –@mint

Banks Drop Credit Card Fees
Hooray! Several banks are doing away with penalty interest rates. Lucy Lazarony at fills us in on which credit card issuers have dropped card fees, at least for the time being. She also reminds us about the pitfalls of not keeping an eye on these fees and your finances. — @Bankrate

The No. 1 Financial Fear (and 4 Ways to Squash it Like a Bug)
Jean Chatzky knows what scares you when it comes to finances and she’s here to help. Jean offers advice on how to go the distance, financially. — @JeanChatzky

Do Gift Card Laws Keep My Groupons From Expiring?
Is it a coupon or a gift card? MBQuirk at The Consumerist finds out if Groupons are exempt from the non-expire clause.  @consumerist

Credit Concerns – Or Just Cold Feet?
Giving advice about taxable “forgiven” debt and the truth about joint credit scores, Liz Weston helps an engaged couple sort through their pre-marital concerns. @lizweston

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