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iTunes Caught By Age-Old Scam

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iTunesScamTen members of a music band in England have been accused of an inventive iTunes scam: charging $723,000 on stolen credit cards to buy thousands of copies of their own songs on iTunes, and collecting real royalty checks in return.

The youngest member of the band, Lamar Johnson, 19, was especially easy for police to find – he was already serving a five-year prison term according to a story by the Daily Mail newspaper. Johnson pleaded guilty for making a third of the 6,000 illegal downloads.

Sadly, prosecutors in England have not released the name of said “band,” which prevents me from finding and making fun of its (probably horrible) music. But the interesting thing here is that this is merely a criminal twist on an age-old trick: practiced by Sarah Palin and the “Church” of Scientology: Propel your book onto the best-seller lists by buying thousands of copies yourself.

Of course, most people who do it use their own credit cards. The other nine defendants in the case will enter their pleas to a London court on Jan. 25.

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