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Financial News Roundup: Veterans Face Unemployment, Family and Friends Live Together

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Veterans face bleak unemployment sceneJob Outlook Bleak for Returning War Veterans
The Washington Post

Soldiers returning home from war are finding it difficult to secure employment in the U.S., as the unemployment rate remains high and the skills learned by military servicemen and women are not as marketable in the civilian job market. Data shows the unemployment rate for Iraq and Afghanistan war veterans was 10 percent in November.

Home Prices Plunge, Igniting Fears of Double-Dip Slump
CNN Money

Home prices are dropping significantly on a month-by-month basis, fueling fears that the real estate market may hit a double-dip slump. A 1.3 percent decline in home prices in 20 metropolitan cities during the month of October surprised many analysts, who expected the index to remain flat. 

Multifamily Households Increase Amid Economic Troubles
The New York Times

A recent report shows the number of multifamily households increased 11.7 percent between 2008 and 2010, creating the highest proportion of multigenerational households since 1968. More families are moving in together as a means of saving money or staving off foreclosure and financial disaster.

Americans Advised To Assess Finances Before Making New Year's Goals
The Washington Post

Financial experts encourage Americans to review their current financial condition and know where they stand before promising to improve their financial condition in 2011. An honest assessment can reveal financial shortcomings that have held individuals back in recent years, and help them reform their old ways.

2011 Likely to Bring Positive and Negative Changes For Consumers

The coming year may be somewhat volatile as the economic recovery remains shaky and Americans work to overcome financial hurdles. Homeowners may see foreclosures rise and home prices fluctuate through the year. On the other hand, more Americans are expected to focus on improving their credit scores and turning away from traditional forms of credit.


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