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Swapping for a Good Cause

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October is National Domestic Violence Awareness month. You may think, as I did, that charities established to help victims of domestic violence are well-funded, but the truth is that, every day, thousands of requests for help can not be addressed because of funding shortages. And because of the troubled economy and the increased stress levels that come with it, domestic violence is unfortunately on the rise.

I probably would have been blissfully ignorant about this if Orli Cotel (the woman who gave me her recipe for home made ginger ale) had not told me about the new non-profit organization that she and Brianna Cayo Cotte recently launched. It’s called Swap For Good, and the concept is a lot of fun. Swap for Good encourages people to host “swap parties” at their houses and solicit shelter donations from the people who come to the parties.

“Swapping is a really great way to save money,” says Orli. “People can use Swap for Good as a way to save money on clothes, books, gadgets, etc., and still have some money left over to donate to a good cause.”

The host is responsible for sending the collected donations to the local shelter of his or her choice. I like this because that means all the money goes straight to the shelter. Swap for Good doesn’t have paid staff members, an office, or any other overhead expenses. It exists strictly as an online service that allows people to sign up as a swap host and provide guidance and information.

If you’ve got stuff you no longer want, head over to Swap for Good’s swap party search to find out if there’s an upcoming swap party in area. If there isn’t, you might want to consider hosting a swap party of your own.

Swap for Good

Photo by Sarah Peet used with permission of Swap for Good.

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