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What other personal finance blogs do you read?

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You might have noticed our shiny new redesign (unless you're reading this via RSS, in which case you might want to visit the site and see our shiny new redesign for yourself!).

In the 3.5 years we've been blogging, we've occasionally spotlighted the blogs we enjoy reading, but now we have room for a blogroll and are excited to build it out as a resource for all of us to find compelling sources of personal finance news and information. One of our favorite bloggers, Trent at The Simple Dollar, posted a list of his favorite personal finance blogs today, which is a great start. What other blogs do you like and read? Do you have your own personal finance blog? Let us know what we should be reading!

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  • Joe_hosting/domains/more

    I found a site, don’t know if it is a blog. Looks like it has articles from many places/blogs. Has been a great help to boosting my credit rating.

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    ready to help their clints.

  • Debt Collection Lawyer

    Its very good blog for the people who are heaving credit theft problems. Our Lawyers will give you full protection from all these problems.wrong credit report, credit theft and your credit information theft it make general. but why it happened we can stop it by good facilities.

  • Affacturage

    As a teacher and researcher in engineering with side interest in economics and politics It is clear to me that politicians and economists try many different things to engineer the intricate economic machine of our time, often without the people’s consent, whereas most of the politicians and economists know very little about how the machine works.

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