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American Credit Services: Loan Scam Alert

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Here's the second new loan scammer we've identified today thanks to a helpful tipster:

Fake lender name: American Credit Services
Fake lender address: 3044 Old Denton – Suite 111-143 – Carrolton, TX 75007
Fake lender phone numbers: (972) 939-1538 and (800) 771-8507
Fake lender website: None that we've found
Fake loan offer: They wanted $70.00 for application processing for a loan of $5,000.00.
Their letterhead states ACS (American Credit Services) is a licensed and
bonded credit service organization.

It looks like these guys have been around for a while. I found a rip-off report complaint for them going back to 2003.

Remember, never wire transfer money in order to receive a loan. Any lender that asks you to is a scammer. And don't forget to check out our new Loan Scam area on's community forum. To share your story of losing money to a loan
scam or to warn others about a scam that you've encountered.

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  • Maria

    right know i just got a call from them saying they are going to sue me i ddont even remember this and its from2007 i cant find there page ont he internet and they keep hanging up on me can anyone help me?

    • Zachary MIller

      I got the same phone call! He was claiming to be an officer Steven Alexander witht the Buffalo Police Department saying he was gonna sue my girlfriend and I unless we paid $4,565. I have no idea what to do because he has her ss# and neither one of has ever applied for a payday lona…

  • norma

    I received a call from a Eric Matthews, said he was calling from a law office and that I took a pay day loan out 2 years ago and defaulted, now criminal charges have be brought against me. I did take payday loans out but had taken care of them. I got very nervous because he had my personal information, and said that a police officer will be at my home to pick me up,because I had committed fraud. He ask how do I want to take care of this matter, and I told him I did not have any monies at the moment, but will pay half on the 10th, and the other half on the 24th of April. The back ground was really noisey, and when I ask was he calling from the streets, he replied that he was calling from a jail house where there was a lot of criminals. I realized something was wrong, he asked for my debit card#,but I told him I did not have a debit/checking acct.,that I could money gram the money to him, but he said to get a pre-paid card from walmart and call him with the number on the card on the 10th of April. When I ask for his # he said that was not important, but gave it to me, I since have been trying to call that #, and its always busy. He wanted my to fax to him a letter of apology stating 3 good reason why I did not pay this loan, and that I agree to pay x-amount on the 10th, and x-amount on the 24th, which I did not do because that would by employers fax, because he called me at work. I was very nervous, because he states Am credit services wanted press charges on me and my 2 references if I did not follow-thru. He had my email address,work#,home address,and he had last 4 digits of my social.

  • Josie

    I received a call from a Mr. Brown yesterday stating that it was a time sensitive matter. When I called him today, he told me that it was because of a loan dating back to 9/2007 that was done online.He had a strong foreign accent. He told me that I was a criminal and that I would get picked up tomorrow. He stated that if I didn’t want to keep the case out of court, then I would need to provide two letters to him. The background was noisy also. I remember getting a call from someone similar several years ago with the same story. It upset me so bad that I had to leave work. I asked him to send me paperwork so I could have my attorney review it. He stated that he didn’t have it because he is only telling me that I am being sued. I asked to speak to his supervisor and he told me that he was the supervisor.

  • susan

    I got a call from Eric Matthews too and was told nearly identical information that norma and Josie stated – charges filed against me, will be arrested tomorrow, have 2 hours to fax a letter of apology and authorization to draft the money from my account.
    I called back and spoke to Andrew Brown who stated that he was a supervisor and I had big problems and I was in a big mess and that I had to pay or me and my family would be sorry.
    Caller ID number was 941-961-8515 and the name was “CELL PHONE FL”
    The first caller gave me a callback number of 310-362-4319.
    He gave me a fax number of 213-405-5039 and a company address of 600 Little Street, Los Angeles, CA. 90013.
    They also had my bank name and account number. DO NOT DEAL with these people (unless you are trying to gather information to use in filing a complaint.)
    Immediately file a complaint with your States Attorney General’s Office as Well as the FTC. The FTC has an online form, as well as most states.

    • bdog

      i recieved about 100 ohone calls from these people who dont speak english they are college kids in there first year of english theyy are a scam call your banks and put a fruad alert out on ur account and also with the creit brueas,call home land security at 989-497-0580 all of this is because of pay day loans on the internet your information is not safe,i got in numbers of fights with these ****** do not send any money what so ever to these guys they are in india!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i can now finally rest noing what i found out the number i gave is in michigan hope you all can do the same report them

  • Jesse

    I just received a phone call with the same things: hard to understand, said I was going to be picked up for court tomorrow, said I was in alot of trouble. When I told him he’s crazy to think I’m goin anywhere if someone comes to my house… he then hung up on me. The # he called me from was 714-409-0250. FRAUD SORRY A** PEOPLE!!

  • Someone

    I received the same type of call. I was in tears and didnt’ know what was going on.

  • EmilyPeters

    This business with the threatening phone calls is a new tactic from the scammers. If you get that sort of call, contact the police immediately.

  • Maria

    I have received three phone calls in the past couple days from a “law office” in Orange County California who claim that I took a payday loan out with American Credit SErvices on 1/19/08 (which I did not do, I double checked) and said that there was a law suit against me for $1095.87 and that I had to pay it today or tomorrow a police officer would be at my work place to “take me in”. The creepiest part was the threats that were given to me, if I don’t handle this right now I will be very, very sorry with the outcome of this issue. And yes, there was tons of background noise and the East Indian accents (three different voices) were very hard to understand. I was put on hold at least 5 times and then when I asked again if they were threatening me, they hung up. I am going to contact the Sherrifs department in Orange County to advise them and give them the phone numbers that came up on my cell phone and the fax number they gave me for the apology letter and authorization letter, notorized, that they wanted to get all of my banking info.

  • Mike Runkel

    I to have been getting the phone calls from a Eric Matthews at American Credit Services telling me I was going to jail tomorrow if I didn’t pay $1095.87. When I called the phone number that came over the caller ID it was disconnected or no longer in use, the number they gave me to call back was 310-362-9387. Again it is very hard to understand them because of the background noise and their accent. They wanted apology and authorization letters faxed to them within 5 to 10 minutes. The other names I was in contact with are David Walker and Daniel Busch. Do not respond to these calls, I have contacted the BBB and our local TV station to alert as many people we can.

  • Heather

    I received 4 calls from them today, stating I was going to be picked up on Monday and taken to court. That I was being charged with check fruad, federal bank violations and something else. The man had such a strong middle eastern accent that I could hardly understand him. He then asked if I could confirm that last 4 digits of my social which he had. I told him no and that I would not give that info over the phone. He called me at work and on my cell. He said he needed my attorny’s info and could not believe I had not already been informed that I needed one. i asked to speak to his supervisor or someone who spoke better English, he then hung up. A few minutes later another man with an accent called me and was mad I had hung up, whihch I didn’t. He told me the same thing and that they were a law office. When I asked for the name of the law office he said it was ” Credit Monitoring Division” I told him that was not the name of a law office. He said I had taken a payday loan out online and was in default and was going to be fined $5,484 for it when I went to court. I told him I had never taken out a loan online but had recently checked into them. He had my mother and daughter’s mane as references and said they would go to jail as well. He also knew a bank I used to bank at and my email addy. I told him it was all bull and that I had not done what he had said. I asked for thier phone and that of the number for A.C.S. he said I could not talk to ACS but gave me the following number for the “law office” 714-409-0250. When I asked for his name he said it was Paul Smith. I then asked where they were located and all he would tell me was L.A. California. I decided to get online and check them out. I will be contacting the Attorney General and the police. Please be aware. They have our info, and I believe it was from an old payday loan that I did in person here locally.

  • Sandra B.

    I too was recently contacted by these idiots and threatened criminal charges. Mike is right, do not respond to these calls. This is all a fraud and a major scam!! They do not have the right to call you and make threats such as these, especially at work. There isn’t a collection agency in America that would make those types of threats. They’re trying to scare us into paying. I pray that most people do not pay these crooks.

  • T Capps South Carolina

    I too got the call! Friday April 24th & They said basically everything above and more! I was very upset with them because I knew this was not true! They “Steve Anderson” & his Supervisor “Eric Fernando” had the nerve to tell me that they just wanted to talk to me as a normal person!!!!!!!!
    They said many people take out these loans and when it is time to pay up they don’t! Then when it goes to court they are so SORRY and they are out for the court costs etc…. THey really pushed for OCR I asked what the heck is that and of course it was “Out OF Court Resolution!!!!” Very long conversation and you couldn’t understand them at all! My amount was 356.10. I reported this to homeland security at 1-989-497-0580 and you need to as well! They need to know!
    Please don’t fall victim to these scammers!

  • Home

    I received a call at work today from Jason Daisee accusing me of owing $973.27 due to a payday loan, his phone number is 858-777-1977. He told me that I had a court date coming up soon and if I didn’t get an attorney to contact him within an hour, I would be severely punished. Please be alarm and do not give out any of your personal information and do not agree or confirm with anything he says.

  • Sincere

    The same thing has happened to me, I called this is a serious matter and everyone should be aware that these people have viable information. I intend to report it to the homeland security as well. Everyone should also call the credit bureau as well as your bank to make them aware.

  • jackie

    I have been receiving call from and American Credit Services saying that I am being charged with violation of federal banking regulations by fraud, theft by deception, for a payday loan from Nov 1996 that I havent paid. Which I have no memory of taking and never paying. I asked who it was with and they said first it was from a Fast Cash international the parent company of over 300 payday loans and then the another representative Sam Jones repeatedly called. Stating I needed to seek an attorney being I was going to be picked up for check fraud on an account that was closed because my wallet was stolen. They call from a number that is unidentifable and they have my social security number and home and cell number, they threat to have me picked up. Oaf course I was afraid and I said I would have an attorney contact them to get information

  • jackie

    ACS rep called me on behalf of Fast Cash Int’l from a 626-236-9901 number and left a message at work to call back at 858-777-1977 saying I owe 1063.12 and was being sued for a payday loan taken out in 11/1996 the case was in California and then one rep said it was being filed in Florida for the same amount and they threatened to press charges on my references.

  • sick of scammers

    Same thing here, do me a favor and join me in calling them every chance you get to make those idiots repeatedly say hello and lock up their phone lines. If enough of us do it they won’t be able to keep calling out on those lines!

  • Erica

    Same thing here yesterday, got the call from a Spencer Reed then talked to an Eric Matthews, all threating the same thing. I called my local police department and had them get on the phone with them and then a Jerry Brown told him that I didn’t have a case number with their company. I filed a report and reported to the Federal Trade Commision. The number was traced back to Anahiem California. Beware, it scared the hell out of me, till I got the authorities involved.

  • Lisa

    For the last couple of days I received harrasing calls from a Mr. Brown. could not make out the first name, very bad middle eastern accent. Claiming that he was from law office national pd. I told him I didn’t know what he was talkin about. He started making threats, still could not understand him. He still is harrasing me. This man is nuts claiming that I better get an attorney. Good luck is all I got to say. I will easily hang up. He needs to start harrasing me

  • Mike

    I am so glad I found this page. I just received a call from a Jason Dasee who left the callback number 310-362-9215. He said that charges were filed against me for Fraud among other things for not paying back a Payday loan I took out in May 08 which was deposited to an old bank account of mine.
    What freaked me out is he had the name of my father and a friend that I had used as a reference for School Loans in the past. He also said that they were alerting my employer and sending somebody to my place of business.
    The only thing that made his story sound credible is the fact they he said they were trying to withdraw from my bank account (which no longer exists) so I was worried that is what got me in to this mess… however it is probably just because they have very old information.



  • w.b.j

    i got a similar phone call saying i owe 945.75 and if i didnt pay, they said that the sheriff will be by to pick me up the next day. they also said that if i dont pay, then they are filing fraud charges against me. I told them to go ahead and file the fraud charges. then i hung up. they havent called back since. i filed a police report, and called the better business bureau. And just to let you all know, 1. if you do owe a loan, they cannot call your work
    2. they cant make any types of threats
    3. You cant be arrested for any amount of money owed. i mean any can only be called to court
    –so please dont fall for this scam. i hope this helps you all out. They also go by American credit services, cashnet, monetary crime division, i was told that they probably have access to the information because most payday loans transaction run on the same data base and have access to whose made a loan in the past. so please be careful–

  • Patricia Bannister

    I have gotten in the past 3 days five phone calls refering back to 1-941-861-8518 and another call back number 408-355-9951. Both of these have been put in the do not call registry. This person who called yesterday at 6:30 am on our land line phone and my cell phone calling me by name threatned me with a lawsuit and yes I have taken out payday loans but they are all cleared and are being paid down. They used the two people who knew me and used their names in the phone call this morning. That is wrong. Illegal, what can we do.The orgianl caller id on my cell phone was 1-213-291-1900 out of Los Angeles. I called the 941 number back and said I was recording all of their phone calls and to leave us alone.They hung up. But the threats are very wrong and on the pay day sights now one is supposed to use the friends/family as referances only the company you choose the loan from. Some one or many some ones are leaking the information. These people have thick accents and talk fast and a massive amount of noise is in the back ground. I hope some one can help. PB from Cal

  • Bill Eidsmoe

    Same stuff as above here, received the call at work today with my SSN, bank info that I currently use, home address and all the rest. Stated i owed over $1000 for the loan which had doubled since I did not pay it, also I would have to pay the over $5400 for legal fees. I laughed at him for this which only incensed the man more. He could not give me the date of when the loan was taken out just that it was May 08 was the last communication regarding this. I told him there was no way I was paying him any money and he stated someone would be at my door on Monday. I don’t know how everyone else up above has turned out after the phone call. I am considering changing my bank now because of this.

  • Kendra C, SI, NY

    i received 16 voice messages on my phone yesterday May 14, 2009 stating the same as everyone above when i called the number which was 213 405-5347 i spoke with a Getty Smith who said there were 18 emails sent to my email address and that they received a affidavit for me to appear in NYC court house by 3:00pm on Friday May 15, 2009. He told me not to speak so that he can read it. Also told me that papers will be mailed to my job for fraud and that i will be fired, i was shaken and so upset that i had given them my debit card information to deduct the money and i had to write an apology letter and get it signed and notorized immediately in order for their paralegal to run to the court house to stop the proceedings. long story short, today i tried to call the 213 number and i kept getting a busy signal. I checked my account my funds were still there, i than googled American Credit Services and saw all of the postings. I immediately called my bank to close my account I could not get through to the Better Business Burea but i did leave a message i will also be contacting my Social Security office and signing up for the Identidy Theft program just in case. I think everyone for this posting.

  • Tanesha

    I received a call at home and work pretty much saying everything that was said to everyone else. I also couldnt really understand there english that well. When I asked to speak to someone that spoke better English and to someone in high authority they told me that I was being unreaosnable and was discrimnating against them. Can you belive these people.

  • cmb

    I too was a victim of this terrible scam, that I had to go under a drs care. They made me believe that I owed Money. I am up to date with my payday loan. I notified the FBI the detective of my Pct. The BBB cannot do anything really, because this is an International scam, They are based probably out of Nigeri, India Etc. I am waiting for Homeland Security to call me back to report it. Everyone if it gets out of hand change your bank info acct #’s and they will waiver it with the phoen co. because these idiots are harassing us. But the American People are on to them. We get back our our ways.

  • Frank

    I had received a call from Allen Smith from ” THE LAW FIRM ” stating all of the above blogs. They were not clever enough to handle a marine klaxon air horn and have made it a point to call them at 714-409-0250 every day at least five times giving them time to get a conversation going and then blasting their ear drums out. With great pleasure I have heard these scammers screaming in agony. I am making it a small personal mission to impair their hearing to drive them out of business. So, if we here that there is a tremendous amount of hearing loss in India you know why. I had spoken with the Anehiem police department, thats the 714 area code, and a detective told me that through investigation, the calls are comming from India via the above cell phone #. My next purchase for my mission is a 120dcb electronic whistle.

  • Rodney Durham

    I just recieved a phone call from a man claiming to be Dan Wilson, he had my SSN, he had my bank routing and account numbers, he knew everything about me, my brothers name, my bosses name, the company that I work for,I mean I don’t know how he got this information. The man that called claimed that monday morning someone would be here to pick me up for court, and gave me the phone number 909-743-5589. I just hope that they don’t use my bank account.

  • Jb

    I too called Homeland Security and they said for you victims to call them and give them the phone numbers. They are aware of the scam and are trying to determine how our secure information was compromised. They also said to never give them money and close any bank accounts that the perpetrator lists. They also said to give the perpetrators their number. 989 497 0580 and let them know that Homeland Security is aware.

  • Tammy

    Same thing happened to me at work today, I had to leave work I was so upset. These scammers with heavy accents threatened to have me picked up tomorrow if I did not come up with the money, among other threats that I really could not understand. They knew my SSN, my bank routing and account numbers, my family and friends. I am now furious because I am a single mother of 2 who lost work because of a group of idiots making me so upset Icould not function at work

  • Ms. Pierce

    Thanks everyone for posting. This is a scam. I received a call today from ACS. They left a message saying that I owe money and “god help me” if I didn’t return the call, so I immdeiately knew that it was some type of scam. I called back and said that I would send immigration to their office in California, and they quickly hung up the phone. I don’t think they are physically located here in the US.

  • Tanisha

    I recieved the same phone calls. 907-519-8112 and 415-223-4108. He said his name was Calvin Jackson and was calling me racial slurs and asking me to marry him and laughing. He has been calling pranking my phone over and over again. I am close to changing my number. He will NOT leave me alone. I called the police regarding the harrassment, so hopefully it stops.

  • Billy

    I got my call 16Jun2009. He claimed to be D. Jones a lawyer for Quickchek, asking for my lawyer. I didn’t have one, so he read off a avidavid (spelled right??), saying I have committed check fraud with a couple other charges. He said I defaulted on a payday loan for $200 and that if I didn’t pay 935.43 withing a half hour, they were going to file this lawsuit and notify my work and lose my job. Plus pay 8-9,000 is court fees. I can’t believe I fell for it at first. My father calmed me down and told me thats not how bill collecting works.

  • tamerea

    The same thing happen to me today, and man with a thick accent stated I defaulted on a payday loan. He informed me that the police will be at my house tomorrow to pick me up and had my personal information. I called the Attonery General’s office and make a complaint. This needs to be broadcasted on the news. I am in the southern california area as many of the people who also have been running into this situation is. I am wondering are they targeting the southern california area and if it is a local Payday loan place that has sold our information .

  • DEB

    My husband got a call just yesterday. The same thick accents, american names, threats of federal charges and alot of intimidation. Her name is Lisa Cooper and the money goes to first advance, which by the way can’t be found anywhere on the internet. We reported this to the police, who called them. They had all his info and had the cop convinced they were legit. We called the BBB, the FTC, and our states credit harrasment hotline. All said this was a scam and if we heard from them again to say see you in court and hang up. We live in a small town in Wisconsin so my advice is to call the FBI, the FTC, Your state attorny general and homeland security. AND DON’T GIVE THEM ANYTHING. NO INFO NO MONEY

  • irene, OK

    I received a call from a guy with a strong accent that said I defaulted on a loan with a company call CashNet. back in 2007 the amount of the loan was 1,054.87, I asked him who he represented and he stated American Credit Services I told him I wanted more information concerning this loan, then then told me that I would find out this information in court because the police was coming by my job to arrest me on Friday, he told me to keep quiet and he would read me the charges against me. I kept asking him questions and then he hung up the phone. My caller ID stated the call was coming from a Curt Wagner @ 405-415-4131, I have already called my bank because he read off my bank account number, which I did not verfiy as being correct, when I call the number back it is always busy

  • Beth C

    I just got this call too, I was more then they could handle I think. Heres the # they gave to call them back 813-319-2662. I asked them who the loan was through the would only tell me Cash Advance USA..Well that is a feeder it is not a pay day lender. they tried to get 700 out of me and when they couldnt tell me who it was through they told me I needed and attourney..I said so what you have to place a judgemnet before you get a dime and if you place a judgement without proof you will be sued by my attourney. ACS is a fraud there phone # came over 052497347. Fight Back No Athentic Creditor will threaten you and if they do you can sue them…

  • Josie

    Well the scammers are at it again. I received a telephone call from a man with a thick accent. He called me yesterday and this morning with the names of Michael Leaver or Deaver and Donald Rogers. He stated that he was calling me about a sensitive matter and wished me luck if I didn’t respond to his calls. I’m not calling this man, but I do recognize this same voice from someone trying to sell a car to me recently. He spoke very fast and was determined to make a sale. I wasn’t interested and told him so. This guy asked for my legal representative to call him. I’m not bothering. The telephone number he left is 323-474-0044.

  • Janice Loar

    My story is very simular. The gentilemen name was Jerry Jones, and he has not only called me on my cell (home) but at work, numerous times. Made his threats to beware! I was actually stupid to fall for it, but luckily i was able to stop it through my bank and file a report against them. Unfortuantly, now they keep calling me under different names.

  • Matt

    I also received several phone calls from ACS. They claimed that I had taken out an online payday loan which i had not done. They also contacted one of my references that I use all of the time. Not only is this shady business practices but made me look really bad to a close friend. How did everyone get them to stop calling and leave you alone because this happened about 3 months ago to me, at which time I knew it was a scam so did not confirm my identity and put a fraud alert on all of my accounts since they had my information.
    Any help would be greatly appreciated

  • Jill

    Same as all of yours here is the phone number 310-601-8688, said American Law Division in Beverly Hills California. When asked for attorneys information stated have my attorney contact them with Bard Code and Fax Number so that all documentation can be sent to my attorneys office or I could settle this matter today with a debit card.
    You know what Aaron from “ALD” Go To Hell!!

  • Nicole

    Me too… I just recieved 2 phone calls at work. I returned the call after work and was told that criminal charges were being brought against me if I did not pay them 689.32 today. I checked my accounts and have no payday loan in record. I told him I would fight it in court… new # is 646- 500-8674

  • A

    They called me as well. A man with a thick accent named David something (Phillips?)threatened me with criminal charges and told me I would have to pay over $500 today to avoid them. I knew this was a scam and called my state’s atorney general’s office. The number they called me from was 707-657-4062 and then 513-878-4824. They knew all of my personal information!!! I had a computer virus about a year ago, and I think my info was stolen then.

  • Krista Thompson

    Well i guess I am the newest victim on the ACS scam. I recieved a call today stating that I was past due on a Pay Day loan and that I had until this afternoon to pay. They said I had to pay by Western Union and no other way and would tell where and who I was sending it too when I was in Western Union. I was told that if I did not pay federal charges woud be brought against me. This did scare me at first but after I contacted my bank becasue they had all my personal info they told me it was a scam, The named they used where Officer Brown and Robin Jackson all with very heavy accents… I called my Attorney Generals office local PD and the FTC all which where familiar with this scam. The numbers they used with me are 724-825-4886 and 817-717-7310 also after I started ignoring there calls they call me from a local numbeer in my area… What Jerks

  • Jen

    I have receieved multiple calls from these guys over 2 months now, I spoke to them once and they said they were not a collection agency but then proceeded to ask for money from me. I told them to stop calling me and it worked for about a week. Today the called and actually left a message (including me SSN!). A James Carter told me to call back at some 342 number I couldn’t understand and then told me they were going to call my references next. I hope they do cause my reference is a feisty one.

  • Felicia Hicks

    I recived a call at work on the 2/17/10 from a david cooper he had a very deep accent said like he was from Indainda some strange counrty He said he had information on me I told him that he was calling me at work and he can’t do that I would report him to the BBB office. He wanted me to give him my home phone number and I told him if he had my informatiom the he should just mail it to me then I hang up on him. He called back and talked to the security gaurd at work she couldn’t understand him He left a phone number which was 952-695-3082. I tried calling it back from home the next day but the number didn’t work when I went into work he had called several times that day before I got to work and left a phone number 925-659-3082. I called it back and this time I was told I owed a payday loan for 400.00 the place was called cash advance and that I could settle the debt by paying 736.56 I kept asking him what the company’s name was he just said cash advance or have to go to court and pay 6000.00 I told him I had turn him into the police. He said that I wouldn’t be able check up on him. He has my information what should I do? He also said that it was legel to call me at my work place he had the law on his side.

  • http://na Kim

    I received a call today from a person named Jason Hash, he had a heavy accent introduced himself as an officer of the law. He claimed I will be sent to court on Fraud and Theft charges if I do not start paying this off. When I asked what he was referring to and requested documentation, he changed the subject and would not explain what pay-day loan he was referencing. He also called my manager and left an obscene vm advising my life from this point on would be “hell” and that I’d wished I’d given the payment when requested during his call. Phone number given, 512.661.0367.
    Does anyone know where I can report this?

  • trish

    I received a phone call from some foren sounding guy that has called me once on my home phone then on my cell phone saying that cash advance has filed a lawsuit against me for check fraud and cpl other things,this guy was a lil hard too understand. He said this is a time sensitive matter and that I needed too have my attorney call him,god bless and good luck with the situation. Well,I applied online for a loan with cash advacne but effidently was not approved for a loan because they never deposited any money into my bank act cause I checked. This sounds like a scam too me. And this guy already knew my email address,name and my social sec#. This too me sounds like a scam of some kind. If u are reading this post,I would like someone else’s opinion on what they think of this. Does this sound like a scam too you and what is ur advice on this.

  • J

    I keep getting a call from 206-201-1003. Calling my boyfriend my place of business, and my home, harassing me and telling me I am going to jail.

    • M

      I am getting the same calls. Unfortunately I actually paid them close to $600 in January and now they are calling again. DO NOT PAY them. This is a scam. I spoke with Doug Zloto with Homeland Security. He said there are over 4,000 complaints and they are trying to shut them down. If you continue to get these calls contact Doug at 989-497-0580 and he will advise you as to what you need to do.

  • Meg

    So how do you get rid of them? They say they’re sending out a warrant for my arrest. I never authorized a loan.

  • Edward

    First thing. If someone wants to arrest you they need to file a complaint of theft or fraud. Then depending on your area a County Peace Officer or Sheriff will come get you. And trust me. THEY WONT CALL. The complainant cannot call you either. (That tends to make people flee. making them harder to find).

    I had someone else do the same to me. Supposedly my wife owed $2500 for a credit card in 1990. We weren’t in the country back in 1990. “The lawyer” threatened to sue us. we would be picked up by morning. He made my wife cry. so I took the call. I told them
    1. send me a signed contract from when the card was issued. If they cannot provide one do not call.
    2. if they were really a lawyer they would know that what they just did is extortion. ‘Pay me or else’. Should they be so inclined to send a policeman, then this “lawyer” will have to explain why resorting to extortion.

    That fixed the calls.
    IMPORTANT: Do not falter or get nervous. The more sure you sound the more they will get nervous. Be mean. You dont know them and you owe them nothing.

  • M

    DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE. THIS IS A SCAM!! Contact Doug Zloto. He is with
    Homeland Security. His phone number is 989-497-0580. He informed me that
    there are over 4,000 complaints made against this so called company. They
    are not even in the U.S., which you already know based on their accent.

  • Joe

    I like to play with these *******, I had one tell me he wanted to **** my wife! The phone calls tend to get very up beat. I even had one guy tell me all about the scam, after I kept calling him back. They don’t like it when you call them back and waist more of their time. I try to play along to get information out of them. The guy that spilled the beans told me nothing could be done about it. They have been doing it for years. This last time I got called I kept hanging up on them and they got ******, I start talking and then hang up. Its much less stressful when you **** with them. I tell you what if you want to get them to stop calling for a little bit then play along waist their time and get transfered a few times to bigger people. Their is not supervisor so don’t even waist your time. Can’t wait for the next call! Start off by telling them you can’t understand them and **** them off early!!!

  • YS

    I was harrassed at work for three weeks from sounds like middle easterners that cannot even pronounce my name. The person on the phone said I still owed a debt to ACS and that they were going to put me in jail! I have no loans like this. After reading other comments regarding ACS, I told them today that the call was to a major hospital in the USA and that the call was being recorded and he hung up and called me a “bitxx!” The number was 347-709-3360.
    Name was Danny Dawn.

    Other helpful hints is to tell them you’re going to report them to the AG or FCC.

    Hope this information helps others to this scam!!!!

    Good luck,


    • bdog

      please read my post on march 29th

  • PF

    I received a call from this number on today and they have been calling my phone on and off for about a year now from a different number each time. I have blocked their telephone number but because it changes frequently it is hard to keep up and this alone is frustrating. Usually I give them a piece of my mind and they usually hang up in my face but I think I will try another method and harass them by continuing to call over and over again. The number they called me from today was out of Houston, TX (281-763-0470 )­. I pray no one falls for this scam and I hope this number helps.

  • s stevens

    I received a series of threatening calls over the last few days. similar story in most ways ACS was demanding I pay them for loan that I never even applied for it is nice to hear that I am not alone and that other people are getting involved in order to stop these crooks. The man at the payday loan store i supposedly took the loan from was so high or drunk he could barely speak. Even though i know its a scam its still scary that people unknown to me have my info I hope these guys get taken down before they rip any one else off.

  • Tiffany

    Yep! He’s been calling me for months so i finaly decided to look them up on online since I’ve been ignoring them for so long. Thats when i came across this page ans read all of these comments about this scam. I never worried because I knew I didnt take out an online loan so I knew it had to be a scam. So i called the number back and the man with the foriegn accent started saying, “what the fuck are you talking about?” They are just some idiots trying get money out of people

  • Kiah

    I received a call from a man with a strong Indian accent claiming to be an officer also. The number he called from is 845-481-8983.



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