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How to Block Credit Card RFID Signals

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If you read yesterday’s article from the New York Times
about credit card RFID chips, you may be feeling a little concerned
about the privacy of your wallet. Have no fear! We’ve found several
easy (and a bit funny) ways for you to protect your cards from
malicious RFID readers:

  • Make your own duct tape and tin foil wallet - Dustin Kirk will show you how to keep your identity safe by making your very own RFID guard wallet out of duct tape in eight simple steps.
  • Buy an RFID blocking bag – Designed to keep your passport’s RFID data private, this security bag can also keep your credit information secure. Only $19.95!
  • Tin foil - An oldie but a goodie. Not only does aluminum foil block alien mind control signals, it can also stop unwanted thieves from stealing your credit card information.

All three of these methods can help you stop unwanted access to your credit card data. You’re welcome!

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  • hyman hess

    In Germany you can by LEAD, Pb, foil to cover wallets. it’s excellent. The Turkish gangs are in the USA already at the Malls stealing away

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